Personal activity score total

Where can I see the total of my activity scores? We used to be able to see our own score in the Friends ranking panel, but all I can see there is my name with no score against it (and I have been a good girl, I have been working…).

Es ist auch für mich nicht ganz klar,wie es funktioniert aber ich hab es heute mal so ausprobiert:
Meine Aktivitäten Punkte sehe ich, wenn ich auf “Freunde” klicke.Und links “alle Sprachen”.
Heute habe ich z.B ein Total von 8547.
Wenn ich die einzelnen Daten von den verschiedenen Sprachen (siehe Profil) zusammenzähle gibt es allerdings eine andere Zahl.
Aber das Wichtigste ist doch ,dass wir unsere persönlichen Ziele erreichen oder? und das lässt sich nicht in Punkten ausdrücken!
Ich tue was ich kann und der Rest ist Glücksache!
Wünsche Dir noch einen schönen Sonntag!
Mit liebem Gruss jolanda

Well done, you two! Danke, jolanda, da war ich ja etwas langsam… auch Dir einen schönen Sonntag! Werde jetzt Punkte zählen gehen.

No, it doesn’t show me my own total in the box on the far right. I have ticked all the right boxes, but no luck.

I’ll have to use my fingers and toes in lieu of an automatic score.

P.S. Apparently I can relax and put my socks back on: alleray has just alerted me to my profile which I never read. Apparently the total activity points are shown in the hidden portion. Thank you!!!

What are the activity scores on the friends page? Jolanda is not even on the list, yet her activity score is 8579.

Yes, I have worked it out, thanks to Reinhard’s help. The following applies to me - your case may be different:

On my Friends page I see the scores of the 15 most active of my friends. I am listed without a score against my name. These lists will vary ; we all have slightly different friends. I suppose Steve will be a constant on most lists.

On my profile page (the lower part of which is normally hidden from me by the system) I have to click “read all” and then at the very bottom I see my total activity points across all languages. (Not a high one, I’m afraid…)

I see it now! Unfortunately I cannot keep up a very high activity score in German any more. I have made over 66 000 LingQs so far and find it difficult to make many more.Reading, writing out texts and repeating them and listening will not increase my score. I am concentrating on learning the language instead of trying to get high on the list at present.

Thanks Imy!