Perfect with boots

A: For the first day of meetings, I’m taking my dark blue suit - the jacket and pants. And my black boots.
B: Yeah, that’s a great suit, very professional. And perfect with boots.

Question: The last sentence, perfect “with” boots. Is it okay to use the preposition “for” instead of “with” here? Does that sound strange?

Thank you!!

No, you can’t use ‘perfect for boots’ here. ‘Perfect for’ and ‘perfect with’ are different. ‘Perfect with’ indicates that the two things complement each other well, that they go very well together. It’s often used for clothes, like in your example (e.g. ‘That top goes perfectly with this skirt’). ‘Perfect for’ is more of a one-way relationship, either because there’s no need for a reciprocal relationship (i.e. ‘It’s perfect weather for the beach’) or because the other side isn’t known or isn’t relevant (i.e. ‘She’s perfect for him’).

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“That suit is perfect with boots” or “That suit goes perfectly with boots.” This means that the boots (a secondary piece of attire) perfectly complement the suit (the main piece of attire). The suit was chosen first and then the boots were chosen to go with the suit.

“That suit is perfect for boots” would indeed sound strange. That would be like saying that the main piece of attire (the suit) complements the secondary piece of attire (the boots), in other words, that boots were chosen first and now you’re picking out a suit to be worn with boots, not the other way around. Not an impossibility, but it would indeed be strange.

I could actually hear something like, “That dress is perfect for boots,” being said. A couple of country women who are crazy about wearing cowboy boots are picking out something to wear to go with the boots.

But “and perfect for boots” would definitely sound strange in the scene you described above.

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