Pending lessons

I just clicked on the Chrome LingQ importer to import a Youtube video. The video has gone into a pending folder and is not available to read yet. This morning when I did this, my video was ready to read in a few seconds and this has been the case ever since I’ve used the YT importer.

Is this a permanent feature or is it an IT glitch?

It’s permanent (should only happen for YT videos that only have auto-generated subtitles). I’ve been very vocal about letting us import using the old method, the user experience should be the focus first and foremost.

They’re using a third party AI tool now to generate the subtitles (which I have found myself needing to check every single new word to see if it actually is spelt correctly or not. I’m at a level where I can tell what certain words mean based on conjugation, and some will look like they’re spelt correctly but they’ll have a double letter where it shouldn’t. This can lead users to add words to their word count that don’t even exist! Falsely measuring progress)

Hi Andrew,

In this case it happened for a YT video with CC subtitles. I imported it an hour before bed and it had completed uploading by the time I woke up this morning so I’m not sure how long it took.

I haven’t tried videos without CC subtitles yet. I am still at the stage that I like the certainty of CC subtitles without any (or hardly any) errors.