PayPal option missing?

Hi! I sent an email last week about trying to pay with PayPal but no one responded… I would love to pay for LingQ with my PayPal but I don’t see the option anywhere! Steve told me on YouTube in a comment that it’s supposed to work. Can someone help me?

Sorry to hear that. I checked our inbox and the last email received from you was on January 13th, regarding referrals. Strange, but I don’t have any email from you after that date. I apologize if it was missed somehow.
Anyway, regarding the payment method, you are currently subscribed to LingQ Premium with a credit card. You can’t change payment method while your current subscription is active, but if you do want to switch, please send me an email on support(at)lingq,com and I will help you with that.

Just sent another email then :slight_smile: thank you so much!

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