First question do I need a verified paypal account to make payments to lingq ? I try to make a payment to another site and they did not accept my money because my account with paypal was not verified.

Question 2 - What more security do you have with CVV numbers with credit card payments - I do not understand why is it more secured to include those numbers ?

Question 3 - I miss the point of micro transfer of money to check if you pay from your own account or from a stolen card. I read those payment occured hier by mistakes if I understood coorectly.

Anyway my point is I miss the point of those controls - for example I receive a credit card statement ones a month - that would be very long to have the transaction done.


To sign up for a recurring payment with PayPal, you will probably need a verified account. A one time payment for points should not require your PayPal account to be verified since it will just check that you have enough funds in your account to cover the immediate payment.

The CVV number is just one more check to ensure that the user does have the card itself and not just the number. For the most part, someone with a stolen credit card number will not have the CVV number unless they actually have stolen the card itself and not just the number.

There are no micro payments when you upgrade. That was a bug that occurred previously.

thank you for your help

cvv and micro payments do not concern lingq but are still open in my mind - could somebody bring the light to me about that ?

cvv is just another way for them to check that the card is not stolen. Very often someone can have a stolen card number and expiration date which they have taken from a receipt or camera but they won’t have the cvv number on the back of the card. By asking for this, many fraudulent transactions can be avoided.

If you are referring to the PayPal micropayments that are required to verify your credit card for PayPal, these are necessary to make sure that the credit card you are trying to use is, in fact, yours. They make the charges and then ask you to phone your bank to verify the amounts. Then, they credit you back those charges.

thank you

As per my knowledge you should have verified account of paypal for doing any kind of transaction of payment.

CW is a way for checking of cards , is that stolen or not, without CW number no one can make fraud.