Payment through paypal

I want to upgrade my account but I am having some problems with the paypal system.
My paypal account is not verified because I don´t have an international credit card.
I have the fund necessary in my paypal to do the upgrade, but when I go to upgrade the site always requests to add a credit card.
What can I do?

Hi Atos,

You have a couple of options. You can buy a 6-month membership (Login - LingQ) which is only a one-time fee, or you can get your PayPal account verified by taking the necessary steps.

Unfortunately, without a credit card you cannot sign up for a recurring payment through PayPal.

“Always make it easy for your customers to pay”

Providing BIC/IBAN details so members can do a bank transfer would give them another option.
Do you accept cheques ?

We are certainly interested in accommodating members all over the globe, which is the primary reason that we’ve chosen PayPal as our payment provider.

We do accept cheques, but it isn’t a preferred method of payment as there can potentially be significant delays between the time that the cheque is written and the user’s account is upgraded. In the rare case that a user does want to pay by cheque, we request that it be for at least $60, or a 6-month Basic membership.

BIC/IBAN/SWIFT are alternative options, but there has been very little (if any?) demand for such methods so far. Also, with the ability to add money to PayPal from your bank account, these payments are better handled through PayPal along with all the others.

Right, I will try to validate my paypal.
Thanks for the answers.