Payment problem

Hi LingQ.
I have signed up for Lingq for about 1 week and as my lesson was limited, I decided to upgrade my acc to premium. After several time trying, your system seemed to deny my payment so I had to ask my friend in US to do it through Paypal for combo 6 months $55. After that, I have downloaded lingq app to my iphone and sign in with my acc, but after 1 week, the system have automatically taken away $55 again for the same account so I had to unsubscribe LingQ on my iphone right away.
I would like to ask if there is a way to fix it and if there is another situation that my acc being taken money automatically again.
Thank you very much.

Hi pizzapuca,
Sorry about the late reply!
I checked your account and I don’t see double payment on it. There is only one payment made on June 22nd. Are you sure that you were billed again? Do you maybe have another LingQ account?

Hi zoran. I thought you would not reply so I didn’t notice your message. I hope you don’t mind.

Yes, as I made several payments with my mastercard through iphone to buy some apps but it did not work so I paid through paypal on June 22nd through this acc on laptop. After my acc was upgraded successfully, I have downloaded lingq on my iphone and sign in with my acc. I thought everything was normal not until several days after, I was informed that the mastercard I signed up with my iphone has been charged. I checked the history of my acc on iphone and my ip was seemed to be subcribed automatically with lingq. So if I dont get it wrong, I was charged twice for the same acc, one for when I use laptop and one for my iphone.

Thank you for your time

I checked again and I only see one payment, made through website on June 22nd. Do you have transaction ID of your iTunes payment?