Payment for subscription no onger works

Hi, I have not been active here for a bit and in the meantime my subsription expired. So I wanted to buy a new subscription. The credit card I used to make for the old subscription has expired and here is the problem: No matter how often I fill in my new credit card details Lingq always tries to charge the old card that is new longer active. Of course the payment fails everytime. Next thing I tried to pay on the app through the google pay. Google pay wants to charge my new credit card, which is good but I need to go to my banking app to confirm the payment. Only problem is that by switching between Lingq and banking app, the payment process gets immediately interrupted. Lingq redirects me to my banking app to confirm the payment, then I go in the banking app to do exactly that, banking app directs me back to merchant (Lingq) and when I open the lingq app again I am back at the beginning. I dont see how paying throw the app is possible at all if Lingq interrupts the payment process everytime one switches to another app. I had an account here for many years and now it seems like I really cannot subscribe anymore. I dont understand at all, why Lingq still tries to charges an expired credit card on the website even though I am filling in a new one and I dont understand how paying through the app could be possible at all with a bug like that. This is really frustrating. Please help me, Zoran.

Can you please give it another try now? Thanks.

It works. Thanks for the fast solution.