Payment date passed -- no charges, no points

Last month I upgraded brom Basic to Premium. My payment date is December, 27. Payment method – via a card.
But December, 27 passed and nothing happend. Then I checked my virtual card and discovered that the limit was less than 79$ a month and expiration date was in January, so I created new virtual card with higher limit and changed card number at my LingQ account. Today is January, 1st, but my card still has not been charged…
But on my LingQ account page is it said:
Ваш текущий уровень: PREMIUM // Your recent membership: PREMIUM
Дата следующего платежа - Декабрь 27, 2009 // Next payment date – December 27, 2009

Hi Rasana,

The system will attempt to charge your card again today. If it goes through, you will get your points. The system always tries again 5 days after your billing date.