Patterns again

Benny the Irish Polyglot is working on Japanese. I would like to help him and at the same time create more content for our Japanese library. I have posted a request on the Exchange.

These are the phrases that I created and had translated and recorded for my Romanian. I would like to create the same for Japanese. This way the English translation is available for these various phrase patterns. If this is done for other languages, we can have translation for these languages, while also helping learners of those languages.
Names should be translated, and translations should not be too literal, making sure that the text sounds natural.

These phrases can be improved upon and expanded upon.

Having phrase patterns is not only good when we start, but perhaps more so for regular review. The recording needs to be clear, free of background noise, and not to fast.
As for the Japanese, I think that a less formal version will be best but what do others think?

Steve, I saw two Open Requests you just posted, but I fear there may be a mistake, since it appears you asked for a recording in English and a Translation in Japanese, while I think you want a recording of the Japanese translation…