Past conversation reports?

Am I right in thinking that I can access past written correction reports for a student (e.g. one I have to write a monthly progress report for) but not past conversation reports?

Hi Helen,

That’s correct. We will eventually enable access to all past reports but that is, like so many things, in the queue.

It occurs to me that a forward-thinking tutor (or one with a poor memory) might want to copy and paste their comments into a text document, so that, when it comes to writing up the monthly report, they can look back over all the conversation reports and spot the trends.

I have just started doing this, we’ll see if it is useful.

Yes Helen. I always prepare and then save a copy of my Reports on my computer. It is not much work to do so. A second positive effect of writing at the first time in Word is, that I have furthermore an automatically spelling correction :wink: