Past Colin gives present Colin a big present

So I was bored this evening and sitting at home. I noticed that on my book shelf, there was a set of famous red physics textbooks called the Feynman Lectures on Physics by the famous physicist Richard Feynman. I love these books, but I had not opened them in years. I decided to get out the first volume and have a quick read of a chapter or two. I immediately noticed that there was a strangely thick envelope inside the book. Guess what I found…



It appears that a year ago, I put the money in there to hide it, and then completely forgot about it. Still, I have no memory of it. Either way: SCORE!!!

“Past Colin gives present Colin a big present”.

It could be a Moody Blues album title - right along the lines of “Days of the future past” or “To our children’s children’s children”.

And it is about a fairy tale coming true too. Wish something like that happens to me too, haha.