Passive to active vocabulary

Due to all the reading I do, I think I have quite a decent vocabulary in my L2, French, but when I speak, I’m using a fraction of what I know. How to get all that vocabulary into active mode ?

The main advice is just to speak. As a secondary strategy, you can schedule conversations about specific topics and brush up on the main vocabulary in the domain before the talk

I have started giving a special tag to LingQs (usually phrases) I want to be able to say, and then review those as flashcards (in “Reverse Flashcard” mode).

I’ve started with Swedish “Who Is She”… I understand it all but doubt I could remember how to translate from English back into the Swedish. Looking to fix that.

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Yes, do what ftornay said.

Just as an FYI, you will not get “all” that vocab to active, just a portion of it, like even your native.

I have several weekly skype language partners, and in the winter I attend something similar to the franglish that takes place in France and other places…
I think planning a specific topic is probably what I need to do…

Practice. ptactice and practice again!
If you don’t have a parner to speak, just s talk to yourself - descrinbing your daily routine, your family, your friends and your plans for the future.

Yes, indeed – when you talk to yourself you can at least be sure that someone is listening. :slight_smile: I just read and have not sought out any conversation partners, so my vocabulary is mostly passive. But more and more I try to think of things in Russian and sometimes find myself doing so without trying. I surprised myself this morning when my wife was bustling about getting ready to leave early, and I told myself I’d just stay in bed until she was done with all that “суета” (bustle, stir, ado). I didn’t even know I knew that word; it’s surely not one of the top 1000.

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it’s not even of the top 5000.

Yeah I can remember random things too such as “prazna mi je baterija” which means “my battery is empty” and “dole s vladom” which means “down with the government”. I can’t remember what translated “Rocket boy” to, i.e. Trump’s nickname for Kim Jong Un, and that’s mildly annoying.