Para los que aprender y hablar español ahora


I have a question for all those that make Spanish

how long with LingQ you managed to write Spanish well and managed to retain all the words that were learned on LingQ?

and that it is easier to learn French for Spanish as a French learning espanol?

because on another site language there is Spanish which is not really “study” the French because English it! and when she leaves her comment correction those doing well in French (the microphone) as if she had no problem writing and it happens even if it is no mistake it is to intermediate level.

To me it all depends how many time you are willing to spend with your target languade doing all kinds of different activities: LingQing, watching TV on the target language, listening to podcasts, reading books, listening to audiobooks, talking (with tutors and other native spekears that happen to live in your town), writing (which is much easier now because you can always check on an online dictionary and verb tenses .aka or google translate), Anyway, if you do that every day I would say that for someone like you where the L1 is also a Romance language it should take 6 months.

ok gracias información