Pairing up with native speakers to get audio for content

Hi there, this is my first post, so this doubles as a ‘hello’, too.

I do like what I’ve experienced of LingQ so far. I’m still besotted by Duolingo’s polish and ‘gamification’, but for sheer, brute vocabulary building, LingQ seems to have the edge.

I’m off to Germany in the summer for a week, hence my interest in the language. I play folky sort of music, particularly the tin whistle in the Irish style. Anticipating that conversations about this might come up whilst in Germany, I made an imported lesson for my self, with text taken from a German website which covers this sort of folk music.

Let’s say the text turns out to be a half-decent lesson and the site owners would be happy for it to be used in this way. How would one go about persuading a native German speaker to record themselves reading the text? Presumably, this would be one way to get the audio needed to make a home-made lesson public.

On that note, is there a place where I can go and, as a native English speaker, offer my services reading English language pieces for other people, so this too can be used as public content?

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I guess the main problem is to get the permission of the website owner to share his content on LingQ. You can ask for recordings on the exchange site here.

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Thanks both. Embarrassingly, I found the exchange system shortly after I posted!

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