Paging Forward > in Sentence View still a problem

I posted this before in another thread, but I think it got missed.

The pattern I’ve been seeing in simplified Chinese is when a dialogue sentence sometimes splits off the right quotation mark " after a punctuation mark (。“, ?”, !”, “……”) it becomes it’s own sentence after importing, and won’t progress forward, regardless of reloading. This is from different lessons and different courses that I’ve uploaded.
For example: “我喜欢的人一直是你。“ becomes two sentences [ “我喜欢的人一直是你。] + [“].
This might be because of the weird spacing issues that Chinese style punctuation sometimes create?
I went through a lesson and replaced the “Chinese style” dialogue punctuation (。”, ?”, !”) with “western style” (.", ?”, !”) and that fixed the problem.
However, I’m kinda lazy, and would rather not have to do extra formatting.

Do you maybe have an example lesson that I can check and try to reproduce the problem?

第13章 报复心《黑月光拿稳BE剧本》

I think I cleaned up some of them, but chapter 13 I didn’t edit

Thank you so much!!! I think it’s been fixed, as far as I know it’s working across multiple courses / lessons. I can go back to binge reading again haha

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