Pages from Russian History

It can be interesting for people who are interested in History.
Richard from England translated two of my articles about the Russian History:

  1. Alexandr Nevskiy
  2. The Rise of Muscovy

Here is the link to the English versions:

If you can read in Russian, you find these articles in the Russian library in the collection “Страницы русской истории”.

This is a new article about the Russian History - ‘Alexander I - Hope and Disappointment’ which Richard translated into English.
The time of Alexander I is the time of the big war between Russia and Napoleon, it was the time of much hope and some bitter disappointments.
I have found a lot of materials about that time, that’s why the article about Alexander I would have two parts. Here is the link to the first part:

If you can read in Russian, you can find it also in the Russian library.

It’s the link to the second part of the article about Alexander !: