Page not found (404) when clicking on first link saying "Watch a short video demo of the Lesson page"

I signed up on Lingq and the very first page that I got showed a link saying “Watch a short video demo of the Lesson page”. The link referred to the following address, which was not found on the server (and thus gave a 404 page):

Just letting you know so you can fix this.

Same has been true for me, when I recently looked a new language in which I had not yet studied.

Thanks for mentioning that! We will get that fixed.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that you can see the video on the Lesson help page here, Lesson Help


Same thing happens with the link you gave in your last post - Lesson Help leads to a 404 (page not found) error message.

It works fine for me. Try going to the Lesson page and clicking on the Help link in the top right corner.

Oops! I’m sorry. The page loads but the video doesn’t. Thanks for letting me know.

@ Bob_the_dog - The Help page link I posted above should be working properly for you now.

Thanks Mark. Works OK now.
All the best,