Over-long thread?

I’ve just seen a thread on the forum with a title reminiscent of a typical spammer. I also noticed that this person (please forgive me for even thinking that you are a spammer :slight_smile: ) also posted on the thread "Speak English on Skype. I tried to read his message there - the thread is far too long.

Does there come a time when threads like that could be put out of their misery? People will always post new requests to speak on Skype, irrespective of existing threads with a similar purpose.

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He is now proposing to give ‘any kind of advice’ via Skype. This is a very intriguing expression. Wasn’t he learning English, was he?
He even posted ‘English conversation times’ on May 7th.

I agree that there should be some space where they can exchange Skype accounts. However, it should be outside of the so-called forums.

I wonder how many people would scroll down for like 15 minutes, just to read the newest"SPEEK INGLISH WITH ME AND I WELL NEVER FORGIVE YOU"-posts.

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I wonder how long it takes for Skype-account-exchange-related posts to disappear from the LingQ forum.

There’s not a current limit on threads. I’m not sure why people post so much to this thread, but I guess it’s just one of those peculiarities we may never be able to explain fully. It may make sense at some point to take a closer look at this though, but I’m not sure we’ll be doing anything immediately :slight_smile:

I suppose the posting has become easier because of the inital box right at the top. So, in a way, most of the message now posted on there will never be read and thus are pointless (unless one takes into account the pleasure it gives the poster to add something to a thread, not that I would know anything about that).