"Outpourings from skyblueteapot"

James is kindly recording some of my blog posts and sharing them in the English library. There are two at present: we hope to do more in the next couple of days.

Recorded in British English.

Let us know if you have any problems with them.

I have just listened to your recording. I like “outpourings from skyblueteapot” and your British accent. Is “flowersuccess” your brother whose name is James?

I am Yutaka from Japan, your mother’s student.
( http://twitter.com/ytk031 )

Could you put the link to the collection? It’s difficult to find it on the library.

I will show whoaholic this thread when he has finished tidying his bedroom :wink:

As you may have read in May Contain Traces of Dodo: Lord, give me the strength to endure all this fun!, his bedroom is so untidy that it is impossible to get into or even open the door properly :-0

XDDD ty for the link!