Out of the box way to use Ling Q

Get native speakers to write a monologue for you and record it. For example if someone asks you “What are your hobbies?” Your response is the monologue. After they record it and write it for you, you can import it into Ling Q to practice it and SLOW it down. This is an amazing new way I will be utilizing Ling Q. You also get to import the new vocab into Ling Q. Its really a great way to use this site besides importing content. I had the native speaker record for me on whats app and I turned the file into an MP3 on Itunes so that it would import into LingQ. Enjoy!


How did you get a native speaker to volunteer to record a monologue for you?

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One option is RhinoSpike (https://rhinospike.com/). Another option would be to find a language partner on apps like HelloTalk or Tandem. I’ve asked people to record passages on HelloTalk before and several people I had never even talked to before did the recordings for me!



I didn’t know about this website, thanks.

this site is free? sounds to good to be true lol.

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I think “amazing” is probably too strong of a word, but it does sound like it could be interesting if you are into that sort of thing. It will probably have plain language and be somewhat motivating.

You might also want to have a look at the mini stories. I have never used them becuase I was too far along in my studies by the time they came about, but I think that are designed to be exactly what you’re talking about.

It certainly sounds very good. For people studying one of the more popular languages at LingQ, I don’t see why one should go to all the trouble to get a native speaker to write and record a monologue instead of just using what is in the library already.

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I see from your profile that you are learning some Russian. Please start this monologue idea with the Russian language )))

As a side comment, from someone who has uploaded a little content to LingQ for community use, it is harder than you think. But, I say, go for it!

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great site) thanks for the link

In my opinion while this idea is interesting, it will not bring huge benefits. The reason is that we really need a lot of input. Even if someone agrees to record two hours for you, which is already doubtful in my opinion, that is still very little, because we need hundreds or even thousands of hours of input. Instead I would use that two hours to talk to the native speaker.