Other Podcasts and Lingq

There are a tremendous number of podcasts out there. Some are designed for language learners and some are produced for the native speakers of the language.

How many of you are using them? How many of you import the texts into LingQ?

If there are good podcasts out there that do not have transcripts please let us know. We may be able to work with these people, offering transcripts to them in exchange for some mutual publicity. We have started doing this with some.

Unfortunately many language podcasters offer their podcasts free of charge, but then have a Work Sheet or Lesson which they sell. There is nothing wrong with that of course. It just means that they may not see any benefit in working with LingQ.

Hi steve,

I subscribe to
Science magazine podcast,

Science Times from The New York Times,

From Our Own Correspondent from BBC

They don’t have transcripts so it is quite difficult to understand sometimes.
It would be nice if you could put text of those podcasts.

I would like to have some technology podcast transcribed. Sometimes I listen to the ones from NY times or washington post, but I find them a little difficult to understand without the transcripts. I know that these are “big players” and more difficult to approach, but I guess that having any well done tech podcast transcribed would be a great addition to our library.


It appears that Science magazines has transcripts but in PDF format. In general I think these major media groups will not be interested in sharing their content with us. Ana, we do have IT Conversations!

It would be great if we can find medium sized podcasters in different languages. Mark has found one in Belgium for French, and that will start in July.

Hi Steve,

There are tons of interesting audios and videos over the internet, and people most likely prefer to learn languages by watching those videos interest them. However, many of those videos don’t have transcript, like videos on youtube. As for the Chinese language, there are many such websites too, like www.tudou.com,http://dv.ouou.com etc.

We could offer the transcription service ‘privately’ instead of making it public. Let the student send us the link of the video, and we could creat a new content like the writting-correction part, so as to deliver transcript.

I think we could thus avoid the copyright stuff in this way, but I’m not very sure. It’s just a thought.



What we would like to do is to create more traffic to LingQ. In that sense, if we can offer transcripts to a popular podcast, they benefit by having the transcript, and we in turn would like a mention or a link to LingQ.

Furthermore, I prefer to do provide transcripts for content which can be used my many people, since that reduces the per unit cost. To do that we need the permission of the person who created the podcast.

By the way, we are looking forward to the next podcast in Chinese.


I see, it’s true that making it ‘private’ could limit us and our learners.

I’ll make the next one as soon as possible, so sorry for this. Since my partners were not available, I’ve been worried about it for weeks.