Other dictionaries for Cantonese

I was just wondering if it would be possible to add:
'趻'字用粵語廣東話怎麼讀- 粵語在線發音字典-羊羊粵語
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…as well as Wiktionary to the Cantonese dictionary slot. Because currently speaking the only dictionary available on Cantonese is Cantonese.org, which although useful for the most part doesn’t have proper entries for certain characters such as (and DEFINITELY not limited to) “冧”, ” 趻“, or “𨳒” (sorry, I realize the thrid character is technically profanity), which in such cases I have to go online and find dictionaries such as the ones listed above that actually do have the definitions, which happens enough especially in colloquial Cantonese and Classical Chinese texts that the whole process does get a tad unnecessarily meticulous after awhile. Thank you for your consideration.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll look into this and let you know when I add them.

Thank you!

Hello again, thanks for adding Shyyp.net! Although would it be possible to add the other two dictionary recommendations as well at some point in the future?

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Hi, I just tried Shyyp but I somehow can’t find the meaning or translation of a word. I have tried a couple of words for example:

Is this dictionary for pronunciation only or am I missing something? Btw. thanks for doing this, I hope you succeed in getting dictionaries added, learning Cantonese on LingQ is a bit of an unfortunate experience, to say the least.
Someone once recommended me this https://jyutdictionary.com/ desktop dictionary maybe that can be of help as well.

Hello Bamboozled,
I actually for a while also had the same problem where I would only find the pronunciation of the character without any definition, but it turns out that once the page loads up the pronunciation of a character, you have to click the green 搜尋 button a second time inorder for a more comprehensive overview of the character to appear which also includes a english definition (there are also cases where the definition will only be in standard Chinese, but this should not be a problem if you already know standard Chinese). Please note that you can only input one character for this to work.
As for getting more dictionaries added tho, at this point I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping they would see my plee and at least add Wiktionary to Cantonese.

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Please add “Wiktionary (popup)” under English dictionaries for Cantonese.Thanks.