Other dictionaries don't open in IE8

When I try to open another dictionary from the LingQ nothing happens in IE8. It works in FF.

Any idea?

After the latest update of LingQ I updated from IE7 to IE8 because LingQ didn’t work properly with IE8. Maybe there are some settings that prevent IE8 from opening the dictonary.

I’ve had the same problem in Google Chrome. I try to click one of the choices under “Other Dictionaries” and nothing happens.

I just tried it in Chrome and it seemed to work properly. However, we tried in IE and noticed the bug. We’ll look into it and see what the problem is with this. Hopefully it’s a simple fix :slight_smile:

@Vera and defsoad - That problem with the links in IE has been fixed. If you are having the problem in Chrome, you just need to refresh the page a few times.

Thank you very much. It works!

after several refreshing it stil doesn’t work in Chrome, and default dictionary doesn’t show the translation automatically (must be clicked). In IE9 everything is OK.

This problem should be fixed now. Dictionary links are working in all browsers.