Organizing Lessons

I love the way LingQ is continually improving and upgrading. One thing I would eventually like to see on LingQ if it’s not already in the works is a better way to organize your lessons. I would really like to be able to rank my lessons and arrange them in the order I would like to study them instead of the last lesson studied defaulting to the top of the list. And I don’t know if there’s already a way to do this or not, but it would be nice to mark lessons as favorites too. These are probably things that have been discussed before, but I feel like it would make studying at LingQ even more pleasant and user friendly.

By the way I know there are a couple default settings to order your lessons what I’m refering to is being able to manually change the order they appear in the list similar to my Netflix movie account.

I don’t know what is involved in doing this debbierose, but these are excellent ideas. We’ll see what Mark comes up with.

Steve, I’m glad you like the suggestion I think it would be a great tool sometime in the future.

I would like to be able to organize lessons this way, too.

We will be looking at re-organizing this page. We recognize it isn’t as useful as it could be. Thanks for the suggestions.

@Mark Any improvements you could make would be great. You’re already on the right track. I like the new display for the audio player and the enhancement that allows you to rewind a few seconds.