Organizing language material in iTunes

Over the past few years I’ve arranged my material into smart playlists and had all my content tagged reasonably clearly. The Artist name is usually the language of the content, if it’s a collection like the LingQ podcasts, usually that’s the album name. Sometimes I add a comment to a file to determine whether I want it in my playlist at that particular time and the smart playlist will organize it all accordingly.

So I’m curious as to what everyone else does. Do you have your language stuff mixed in with your music (as I think is inevitably the case in iTunes)?

Do you have your podcasts, audio books, LingQ material and other bits and pieces all in the same folder, under the same artist, in the same playlist? What do you do?

Hoping to get some tips to keep this as efficient and tidy as possible.

I have chaos on my cell phone. The only one thing is common. The content is interesting for me.

On my iPod touch, I create a playlist, and then just drag and drop all the files into the playlist. It’s quite simple (but admittedly on had the idea after asking on the forum).

What I typically do is add all the files to iTunes then change the Artist to “Korean” or “Chinese” or whatever language I’m learning, then the Album to the title of the collection. I find this makes it easier to sort through these files when browsing through my full library.