Ordering words of Vocabulary by importance (+)

I’d like to order words by importance, with any regards to the “status”.
When I order by “importance”, I noticed that the system orders words by the number of *, then by the “status” and lastly by “alphabet”.
As I only have 4 words with more then one * (over a total of 400 words), the main ordering becomes by “status”. I wonder if is it possible to see the most important words, that have the sign +.

I’d like to study first of all the main 25 words of my list and get rid of them.
Then I should go on my next following 25 words and so on.

If the method I’m thinking about isn’t possible to realize, I’d like to know which order you suggest to follow when studing vocabulary.

There was one quick and dirty tip how to see your 25 most important lingqs. The author is darbanville, if I am not mistaken. Here is the idea: the list of your most important lingqs is shown on writing section. So, you can open any writing draft and click on “Flashcards” button.

Thank’s Rasana for your “dirty” trick,
I’ve just tryed and checked I can see my first 25 main words.
But after I passed my flashcards successfully, “status” increased and some words have reached status=4. What I hoped was that the system avoided words with status=4, but it didn’t happened and the group of words hasn’t changed not even a little bit.
I think it should be useful to get one’s main words among the unknown words (status<4).

Maybe, Mark, would it be possible in the future to filter out known words?


Yes the importance feature does not work ideally. This is near the top of the issues we want to deal with when we go improve the functions on the site. Unfortunately we have some other basic issues we are dealing with now. So please be patient. mark may have some further comments.

thank you very much for you’re paying attention to this issue.
The whole system is in any case wonderful!

Hi Monica,

We will be improving this functionality over time. Please be patient. We know there are many things that can be improved in our Vocabulary section.