Opening the print version

When I do a right mouse click on the printer symbol (in the lesson) and choose new window or new tab the same window is taken for the print version in IE7. It would be nice if I could open a new tab because I would like to have this for the hint. I like to put complete sentences in the hint. But with the new LingQing system I cannot copy&paste from the lesson page. I can only copy from the print version.
In FF there aren’t this options in the context menu.

Hi Vera,

The problem is that the link for the print button is a javascript link and not a real link. In order to be able to right click and open in a new tab, you would need there to be a real link there.

What I suggest is that you click on the print icon, copy the url from the print page when it comes up, then go back on your browser to the Lesson page and finally, open a new tab and paste the print page url you copied into the address bar. That way you can have both pages open in two separate tabs.

Hi Mark, Thank you for the explanation. I still know how I could manage it. I found it a bit inconvenient. Maybe there are possibilities to improve this? I think especially new and inexperienced internet users will have problems with that.

Hi Vera,

I have added a request to open the print view in a new window. This will be done at some point in the future and should solve the problem.