"Open next lesson in collection"

Me again =p.

I have ALOT of imported lessons that arent Shared (Organized into a few different collections ). The option to “Open next lesson in collection” isnt available for these lessons. Would be hard to add that option ??? Also the “Open collection” link just forwards you to a page that says "No results for this category or search term ". I’m assuming both these problems have to do with the lessons not being shared in the library/system. But is is really impossible/ hard to fix/ add these options without sharing lessons?

I think most of the lessons I study are not shared soo this is kinda a major issue for me anyways =p. Right now to get to the next lesson or collection i need to go back in my history and find the next lesson.

Anyways just something to consider i hope =p

Hi keroro,

Someone actually asked about this same thing I think last week. The reason behind it is that the lessons you add, although they may appear to be in a collection, are not in a real collection until you share them on the Library. They are simply grouped together on the Import page for your convenience. This is to ensure, along with other things, that these lessons don’t appear on the New Lessons list that is generated each month.

We’d like to get to it, as with all things, but a fix is a little more complicated than you might expect so it might be a while until this one is taken care of.
As always, thanks for the reports and suggestions :slight_smile: