"Oops - Payment required" since today for active premium user?

With an active premium membership, I used to learn Polish (streak of 428 d) and Turkish (streak of 30 d). Till yesterday. But now for any Turkish lesson I get the message “Oops - Payment required” (on Windows 10 laptop). Please help - I don’t want to lose my streaks.

P.S.: For Polish, I can still use LingQ, but the new version works annoyingly slow. The Android version does not work at all (hourglass).

Sorry to hear that. Do you get that error message in any course/lesson you try to open?

I have the same problem with some of the french lessons (silk browser), where it says please upgrade. Maybe they didn’t get into v 5?

I got “Oops, please upgrade” when I tried to open this lesson Login - LingQ

And many other lessons… seems to happen with any lesson that doesn’t need importing from an external site in the news feed, for example.

Yesterday, I got that error message for any Turkish lesson I tried to open. But today, the bug magically disappeared. Anyway - it’s good that LingQ seems to work again. Thank you, Zoran.

Thanks, we are looking into the issue.