Only half the lessons copied to my workspace when I "take" all lessons from library course

Just come back to LingQ after a couple of years absence.
I tried to take all the lessons from Vera’s Diary (over 100), but only about half have been copied across to “My Lessons”.

Any idea why?

@Jamie - Welcome back to the site :slight_smile:

Have you by chance already opened and archived some of the lessons from this course? Try checking the “My Archives” section to see if you can find some of the missing lessons.

Hi Alex, yes I have quite a lot in the archive (from years ago), including some of Vera’s course.

If this is the reason, is it possible to just nuke the archive?

Ideally I’d like to wipe all lessons and start again. There are too many of them to do this individually. Is there a big red button somewhere?


@Jamie - There isn’t a way right now to wipe out a whole course, but something is in the works. There is a reset option on the Account page, but this clears all your data for that language, LingQs and statistics included, so use it at your own risk!

I’m not sure on an exact timeframe, though a course delete/archive option should be available in the next week or two I would think. If you’re OK to wait this long, you can just keep busy with the new lessons, then go in and clear out your courses when this feature gets added.

Sounds good Alex, no problem. Thanks for your quick response!

@Jamie: Thank you for taking my course :slight_smile: When you work through the lessons of a course you can simply press “Next lesson of the course” on the right panel of the lesson page, and this will bring you to the next lesson regardless if it is archived or not.

Hi Vera! Oh, from the gear drop-down - I didn’t see that (UI has changed quite a bit since I last used it). Yes, that’s a pretty good workaround, thanks!