I think it would be nice if we could see who is online and who is offline.
What do you think?

It would also be nice if we could have a chatroom (this is easy to setup, just use one of the free servers of mirc and setup the embebed chatroom here at lingQ, many websites do that)

I agree with you, Berta!
Another ideas?

I think the chatroom is a great idea. I’m not so keen on seeing who is online. If it were optional, it would be okay.

These are nice ideas we can hopefully look at in the future. Thanks.

Hi Maitee!
I think that you need to know who is online to chat with him/her?
-what do you think? :slight_smile:

I aree with anar,it will be nice :>

Mirc is a client which uses the IRC network. A network like Freenode would be one of the best ones for this site.

It would be best not running on the site itself, and volunteers can moderate it. Getting into an irc room is fairly simple once you have been shown how. I’m sure we could set up something unofficial if we want to gather and chat, in any case.

I’ve noticed that some sites implement an embedded chat and they really stink. lol Surely something better would be implemented here. Choice of client would be a necessary feature for me.

I understand the need for seeing who is online in a chatroom, but I would prefer that this be in the chatroom, not in the forum, and not on my profile page.