Online OCR

A useful tool I’ve found is this

It’s an online OCR for various languages. Like any OCR, the results are never perfect, but if you’ve got texts in image format, this is going to shorten your workload a great deal. Texts for French which took me 30 minutes to type up, now take 5 minutes each on average. Hope it’s useful for someone else out there.

A while ago, I tried a free online OCR software, but it didn’t work very well, so I preferred to buy ABBYY 10 Professional, which works very well.

Yeah, I’ve tried all sorts of OCR software. This one is working well for me right now for French (It just got ‘a-t-il’ right after failing it the first time). I can’t say anything about the other languages, though.

I shall try it out for Russian, thank you!

I use
It works well enough for French, though the texts still require some editing.
The free version limits you to 4 mb per image and 15 images per hour.

No Japanese or Chinese either…

upload the image or pdf
setting convert to text

Yeah, I saw that but don’t have a google account. (And don’t desire to :P) Surely it works well too for those who have one.