One Year Update on Russian - how far I got and observations

Do you have any idea how many hours you’ve dedicated to Russian in a year? I’ve been doing it for a similar time but I’m only at 1100 known words.

500 or so in the first six months then about 200-300 in the last six months.
About 3 hours every day weekdays, 4 hours friday and saturday the first six months.
About an hour every day weekdays, 2 hours friday and saturday the second six months.

All in I’d say I did 700-800 hours in the year.
I’ll probably do another 200-300 hours by new years then hopefully I will have hit sufficient understanding I don’t need to do anki or glossika or any other kind of cramming.

Very good. I’ve only started using LingQ relatively recently. I think LingQ plus appropriate material (audio and text) is probably the quickest way to improve. If I ever learn another language I will start doing that as soon as possible.

I’ve been using the Speakly app as well. I think the Speakly stories + LingQ is a killer combination. It’s a shame I have to work through boring exercises to unlock those stories. I wish I could just download them all at once. Did you download the audios? I have the first 14 downloaded.

You doing same mistake people learning new language. You will be able to talk when you’re brain is ready to talk. Russian is very far your mother tongue English. You will seen results probably in two years and half maybe three years. If you’re still motivate and discipline.

I found Pimsleur very effective on me. I never used this before. You should try sometimes you have to go out your comfort zone.

Be focus only one language you like the most. Refresh others languages on saturday or Sunday as you wish. No more than 2 hours.

If you can’t speak language you are learning that simply mean you’re head is not ready yet to talk. But if you can thinking in this language found your words even you didn’t have all words came to your mind. It mean it’s times for you having some talk with native speakers and practice. Even you making mistake that not a big deal you will improve grammar with times.

Sounds like you share Steve Kaufmann’s point of view.

Sounds like your method overlaps with mine. My core fundamental of my belief system about learning languages is that we evolved to learn languages by listening and watching, not by reading.
Therefore I heavily focus on listening and watching for most of the journey to intermediate.

I do believe that going to advanced there are benefits to learning to read as one method to accumulating sufficient vocabulary.

Sounds like you agree with Steve Kaufmann.
I agree with Steve in part but not completely.
Anyhow, thanks for joining the chat.

My answers is from myself has nothing to do with Steve Kaufmann. As polyglot myself and I talk three languages fluent French Mother tongue Spanish and English.

After studying german for at least 5 years. I can finaly talk in german making my own sentences also wrotte this language. I know now all I have to do keep going because once I will have all words came to my mind that wouldn’t be a problem for talking and writting as I wish.

You can clearly see your system doesn’t work with yourself. Keep studying an other year untill 2023 wihtout to be focus on ANKI. Adding others system such assimil/teach yourself/colloquial/duolingo
Memrise/listenning serie/movie on russian without subtitles.

3 hours/4 hours by days without weekend. I promise you will get results as you expected. A girl 14 years old speak 20 languages she has learn russian less than one year and she can speak it without problem.

She is not a genius as she said in this video even she is “younger”

" She like learning languages because she like that and she have fun"

if she can … why you can’t ?


OK. Thanks for your comments.