One of my languages not showing up on profile?

I’ve begun to do a number of French lessons tonight. When I change my language (the pull-down menu up top) to French and look at my profile, I can see some statistics - known words, words read, etc. However, even though I created a number of lingqs, I see no activity score.

When I change my language back to Russian and visit my profile, a tab for French does not show up at all under my progress snapshot. (I see Russian and German just fine and have activity scores in each, but no French.)

Hopefully the above all makes sense, and I’ve made some sort of simple error. Help?

Hi Charlotte,

It does sound like something is not working the way it should. Can you tell me what browser you are using? Also, roughly how many LingQs you created in French tonight. We will look into it.

I’m using Chrome 5.0 on a Mac as my primary browser, but it also doesn’t work in FF 3.5. Am also happy to test on Windows if it’ll help.

I created… oh, perhaps 35 tonight, over 3 lessons? And marked about 350 other words known.

(Interestingly enough, FF 3.5 doesn’t let me switch languages at all, unless I manually type in the language extension at the end of the URL. Not a big thing since I never use FF, but interesting.)

It is interesting and we have had other members complaining about statistics not appearing properly sometimes. We are unsure why this is but we will be spending some time on this issue soon. I can see that those LingQs are created in your account but they don’t seem to be updated on your profile. Sorry about that. We will continue to try to figure out what is going on there. Since you haven’t had this problem before, that suggests it is an intermittent problem.

Sure. I mean, I’ve also never added French before. I suppose we could test further if I added another language, but if it’s already an acknowledged bug I assume you guys will be handling all the testing. Cheers. :slight_smile:

Edited to add: I tried Spanish, which shows up fine in my profile now. Weird wild stuff. Thanks for the super-quick reply to my question, btw.

Sorry about that - actually, it doesn’t. I forgot to switch out of Spanish and into another language to check.

So am missing French and Spanish. Meh. :frowning:

Thank you for all the information! Any and all information about this issue will help us track it down better. The intermittent errors are hardest to track down but we will get it fixed! :stuck_out_tongue:

@galiana - All those stats are showing up now. It seems that the Activity and displayed stats are updated periodically and not instantly. I had forgotten… :stuck_out_tongue: