One free conversation a year for basic members

Would it be possible to offer one free conversation a year for basic members? I think, this would be a good method to encourage some members to start their first conversation, as it would help them to surmount the greatest barrier. I had the advantage, that one very kind member gave me 500 points in order to start my first conversation. I’ve probably never done it, if I had to pay for something, where I’m not sure about what will expect me (e.g. will I be able to talk at all etc.) . Now, that I made a positive experience (well, apart from my stammering, which is certainly normal for the first time at all :)), I’ll be ready to spend a little money for further conversations and corrections. I could imagine, that some other members think this way, too.

In my opinion, it makes little sense to give newbies 500 points (which expire after 3 months), who are not familiarized with this system and who are not yet ready for conversations, because they are still beginners in the respective language.

P.S.: Of course, this offer expires when not used during this year. If you don’t like this proposal or it’s not feasible, maybe you’d like the idea to offer at least one free conversation (or correction) at all, but applicable whenever the member would like to (so not only the first 3 months of the membership)? That means, the fresh member gets these 500 points whenever he/she wants and not automatically at the beginning. From this point, he or she has 3 months to use them.

Glad to hear you enjoyed your first conversation! :wink:
Happy holidays!

Thanks, hape! I wish you happy holidays, too!!

@il_melomane70 I always love a chance to freeload, therefore you have my vote! :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll see what we can do about giving better opportunities to try the speaking.