On creating content for LingQ, Vera's email

For those of you who do not read my blog:

Meaningful language input is the key to language learning success. But different people have different tastes, and are at different levels. What is the best way to generate meaningful and comprehensible content for learners to choose from. At LingQ we rely on our members to create and provide content, for which they earn points they can use in their learning. Here is a message from Vera, who has created and contributed a lot of excellent content in her native German. She has been our champion content provider, earning the most points every month for her content. Here is what she had to say.

" I think, people may wonder, why I got such a great number of points for my content and maybe it is a good idea to explain that, to motive others to create content like I did.

First of all, it was a lot of work:

I imported more then 400 items (422 items) for the German library in the last 5 months.

109 items were created by me.
259 were Podcasts fully transcribed by me.
32 items were Podcasts where I got a script that required me making a lot of corrections.
21 Items came with a full and accurate transcript.

I always asked for permission and wrote a nice letter with some compliments about the nice podcast before I started transcribing and importing.

It is easier to get permission from private podcasters. In my experience, radio stations and newspapers do not give permission. Publishing companies typically do not give permission, although one did give me permission for a podcast.

The most popular items at LingQ are the ones I created myself. These are sometimes short dialogues. However, often they are articles that I wrote, inspired by things that I had read in the newspaper. These were particularly popular and can be found in the collection called; “A bis Z: Geschichten aus der Zeitung”. Some users wrote me mails to tell me how much they like this collection. The level is between good Beginner 2 and Intermediate 1.

It is important that the sound is clear and the quality is good. I just use a low-cost microphone (10 Euros) but it works well. The environment has to be as quiet as possible and you should not put your mouth too near the microphone (in my experience). Audacity, free recording software, is very easy to use. If I make an error while speaking, I repeat the sentence and later I edit out the problem sentence. So I can record items very quickly.

Please tell my story to encourage others to create more content.

Vera I."

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