Ole-ole-ole-ole! Pittsburgh won!

I am very happy with this :)))

Yes I saw the game on TV. Malkin won the the MVP although I thought that the goaltender, Fleury was the difference.

He seemed indifferent in the the first two games. I’m glad he woke up 'cause city of Pittsburgh needed another pro sports championship. I hate cities that win multiple titles in multiple sports in the same year.

Just curious!

I was wondering how Cakypa became a fan of the Pittsburg Penguins. I’m from Montréal, and I voted for the Penguins , because of all the Quebecois and Canadians who play on that team. I’m really proud of them. We really partied it up at our place friday, too, even after a hard day’s work on the farm. There are a lot of hockey fans in my family. Since we share a common interest, Cakypa, I was just wondering, being from Russia, how did you become a Pittsburg fan?

I have the same reason as you, Marguerite :slight_smile: I am from Magnitogorsk, as well as Evgeny Malkin :))

Which sport are you talking about?

They’re talking about under water basket weaving… Or at least that’s what most Americans think hockey is.


We are talking about ice hockey. Do you mean they don’t play ice hockey in Mozambique yet?

In certain northern countries like Russia, Canada, Scandinavia, and even central and eastern European countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia,hockey is the most popular sport. In countries where hockey is not popular they have to make do with soccer (boring because there are too few goals) or basketball (boring because there are too many points) or baseball (boring because nothing much happens).

So when winter comes around in Mozambique just try flooding a field with water before going to bed, and if you get a good freeze overnight you will have a hockey rink to start playing on in the morning.

LingQ headquarters is a hockey space. Mark played professionally in 6 countries and still plays at a high level. I have played since I was small and still play twice a week in an old timers league at a low level! (We play in indoor rinks since the outdoor rinks are usually no more likely to freeze in Vancouver than in Mozambique…but Magnitogorsk or Montreal, that is a different story!

Magnitogorsk with the snowfall at May, 2 is a totally different story :)) And this place is called SOUTHERN Urals :slight_smile:

I love baseball, I like soccer, basketball there is way more action to watch (but I’d say hockey there’s way more action when you’re playing it). Pretty much I like every sport that isn’t volleyball, ski jumping, and biathlon (which is rifle shooting and cross country skiing) the sports that are popular here in Poland.

Unfortunately boys and girls the best, most exciting, most intelligent sport in the world is American Football. It’s chess meets rugby (it was actually invented by a rugby player who loved to play chess). And there’s a position for every body type.

One thing I do often get in arguments about with my American bretheren is when I say that either hockey players or water polo players are the most physically fit players in any team sports…

I like American football more as a curiosity than a sport. The excess in money, poundage, commercialism and legalese is somehow so American. Each team has what, 55, players? You’ll have one player making a gazillion dollars a year whose job, and only job, is to block in the backfield when the team is 3rd and goal. So he might see 2 minutes a game max. You have guys who probably will keel over at the age of thirty based on the amount of 'roided up musculature they are forcing on themselves. The play stops, like, every 3 minutes for a TV timeout. Finally, the ref has to explain penalties to the crowd, and you need a freaking law degree to understand what he’s saying:“Upon further video review, it was determined that the receiver did not have full control of the ball when contacted by the defender, below the waist, as the clock hit the 2 minute warning, while the peanut vendor was in the upperdeck. First down!”

It’s complicated, but it’s a true sport. Most of what you said though has the same sound to me as when George Bush was giving his argument for entering Iraq, a lot scrapes and shades of truth but stretched in a way to prove a point.

Conditioning in Am Football is not unlike conditioning in Hockey except for the linemen in which it’s like conditioning for a power lifter that can move quick. TV timeouts are also no different than any other sport besides Soccer. If the game is national and there is a timeout it is sometimes extended. Commercialism is also no different than any other popular sport in the world. Especially the most popular sports. I don’t know any player that makes more than the league minimum that would only play 2 minutes max a game. The rosters are big but you have to remember that Defense and Offense in Am Football are separate games and separate ideas, it’s a game of specialties that’s for sure.

Last the ref doesn’t explain penaties to the crowd unless they’re from replay reviews (which just about all sports have now). I can’t help with the legalease, it’s a very complicated sport. In the end soccer,hockey,basketball,euro handball,even rugby are essentially the same sport. I love them all mind you, and anybody who complains about stoppage time in Am Football didn’t watch the Red Wings v Ducks series I don’t think the puck left the center circle… :slight_smile: Or any soccer match where the whole game is stoppage time…

whoooooooo sorry about that… had to clear some things up…

I enjoy American football, at least playing it, or at least I did when I was in high school. I do not think that the commercialism is any greater than in other sports. I agree with regard to TV time stoppages ruining hockey. I now prefer Rugby to Football because all the specialized teams etc, have made it less attractive to me. When I played I played both ways, I was either quarter back or half back and either a linebacker of defensive half back and played the whole game. Most of us did. But then the standard of our football was not the same. We ran around in hand me down equipment, including football boots, that were too big for us, but we had a great time.

To be truthful, any sporting endeavour is great for those involved and that includes cricket, I suppose, I have never tried it.

At the early 90s every weekend mornings Russian TV showed NBA games. And I, of course, used to be a fan of Chicago Bulls. Ok, I was a fan of Michael Jordan, and as he played in Chicago Bulls, I liked the whole team :)) Now I have NBA channel, but don’t watch it at all %) I like hockey, but I can’t watch it. :(( I am too worry about every goal. And even when I watch not-live, and already know the result, I forget the score during watching the match and worry :)) “Aaaah!!! Shoo! Shoo!!! It is our territory, go to your half” :))) Also I usually watch women volleyball at OG.
Baseball, rugby and American football I don’t understand at all… As well chess, ha-ha.
As concerning other, individual sports, I like figure skating (but I do not treat it as a real sport), biathlon, ski jumping and snooker.

Officially I was pulling for Detroit since I go to school right across the border, but I am happy for Pittsburgh. They played so well. I am, however, still counting the number of disgruntled Detroit fans i’ve encountered in the past two days lol.

Hi Cakypa
You come from the same city as the best player in the NHL? Wow!
I was wondering if are you a little bit saddened about him leaving the Russian team to play for America?
You know, I’m sad that Greg Rusedski quit the Canadian team to play professional tennis for the UK.
Do he still play professional tennis? I don’t even know.
One day he just up and decided to play for another country. Why is that?
I am still angry even after all this time. What is it, like 10 years or more now?
Do you feel that way too? I get the impression that you are really proud of this guy from Russia. I would be too. He is so good. Even though our situations are not exactly the same, I don’t feel right about mine. Maybe I’m still just a tad bit bitter…

I like Evgeny and wish him all the best. And the best hockey league so far is NHL. That’s why I am not sad about the fact that Malkin plays here. Moreover, he does not refuse to represent Russia on international competitions. He just, like all other NHL players, does not have an opportunity to do this, if his team plays well during play-offs.
There was some scandal story about his escaping from our club Metallurg, but I don’t believe it. I think that it was PR-action of Metallurg and nothing more. Because just before leaving Magnitogorsk, he did a present to hockey school Metallurg. He won prize “The Best Russian Hockey Player” in Torino’2006 and received a car. So, he sold it by auction and all money gave the hockey school which brought him up. That’s why I did not understand why all Russian media wrote at that time, when he moved to Pittsburgh, “Betrayer!”, “Malkin ran away from Magnitogorsk” and so on… I think that his leaving from Metallurg was done by mutual consent.

doesn’t matter what country you play for, the best players in any sport should want to test themselves among the best and the NHL like you said is the best league. It’s like when Beckham decided to come to the US to play soccer, it was so pointless and embarassing to play in a league like the US’s MLS. Players should try to be at their best playing against the best until they’re not able to any more and that what Evgeny did.