OK so here's where I got to after six months of russian

My focus has been on developing listening comprehension. I’ve been doing a combindation of anki mp3 individual words, as well as clicking on the individual words in stories in lingQ. I have completed the mini stories in lingQ. I have spent hundreds of hours listening to youtube.

I think I’m at a B1 listening level.
I can understand for example, this video perfectly:

I can understand this guy mostly:

I can understand about 30% of this guy:

I can barely understand anything this girl says. At most I can get a couple words here and there:


I’m rooting for you, it’s a really intersting experiment for how much one can get their ears trained this way. What if it’ll turn up the best investment of the time in language skills?

I can barely understand anything this girl says.

I’m getting illitirate rapidly right off the first seconds of Kate Clap, to be honest) It’s no wonder you can’t get it. I myself barely can.
How do I put it shortly. For the puprpose of language learning Kate is useless for many reasons. You can’t get it not because it’s an advanced level of Russian, but because it’s barely Russian in the first place (akward and clumsy, very low) and because she’s poorly getting across her points. And there’s a process of enmeshment with English amongst young people, which I personally like, but again, in the case of Kate it’s is overkill and a try to overcompensate the lack of general language sense.

One of the brilliant examples of modern Russian is another Kate, namely Kate Schulman. It’s an actual Advanced level:

Hahahaha LOL that is hilarious. So you’re saying Kate Clapp doesn’t even speak good Russian?
Awesome so essentially I’m going backwards and frying my brain by listening to her. LOL.

Thank you otherwise for your kind words. I’m hoping to be functional (not university quality) by june next year.
Interestingly, however, I did take a look at a university course on coursera for B1-B2 level. I signed up for the free (non-certificate) version and skimmed it. I can understand (more or less) the videos at B1 but not at B2 so maybe my estimate is right.

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Kate Capp I can barely understand, but from what I can see, that’s no great loss. I wish Ekaterina Schulman’s pronunciation was clearer, that she would open her mouth like Varlamov. But I think I could understand her fairly well with enough exposure.

In any case, @xxdb, that’s really impressive progress that you report. Keep it up, and give us another progress report in a few months. Удачи!

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Thank you sir, that’s appreciated.
I’d actually really like to be able to understand varlamov better. He travels to some interesting (and sometimes scary) places which would be really cool to understand natively as he interacts with the locals.