Often the native language cannot be shown

Very often I see that members write in native language “English” or others because they cannot chose her native language - it is not available.

Would that be difficult to do? I think some members could have better contact when they were able to see what native language the member really has.

Hey Irene :),

I think under the setting, there it is able to change the preferences.
I saw that in my one, there stands my native language and where I´m from, so was that what you´ve asked for?

Or may i didnt understood you?

Because the Native Language determines the interface/dictionary language, we only show the languages for which we have translation. We may be able to add another setting at some point just for the profile but this is not a high priority. For now, you will have to use the Country as the best indicator of true native language. We also hope to add to our list of interface/translation languages relatively soon.

Could somebody expresses me what determines means?

determine in this case means “ermitteln”

Peter, we have i.e. members from Turkey and they are not able to write that their native language is Turkish.
And how Mark wrote, we have not Turkey in LingQ so they cannot write her really native language.