% of new words

Is the a way to change the % for new to show how much of a text is covered instead of what is the % of unique words?

Current way is not very useful since bigger % of new words can mean there is just more words in the text instead showing that I understand less of it.

Example. In Login - LingQ there is 18k unique words of which i know 1900 which means I know about 13% of those words. It should mean it is very hard content, isn’t it?

However when I view individual lessons the story is different. Suddenly I know 80-70% procent of words in every single lesson.

20-30% of unknown words still looks like too hand to read text, isn’t it? I will have to look up every third word which is way to many new words.

Wrong! In reality ofter opening a lesson I see that I know 90-95%+ of the text. Which means it is rather easy for me text (good for casual reading but too easy for “hard studying”).

So in the end the course that was looking like something way to hard to even try can be in fact consider to easy for studying… So this number is simply meaningless almost.

I would recommend changing it to % of text covered since we already have information of how many new words there is anyway. There is now point to say the same information for the second time in less clear way.

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We don’t have in plans to make any changes there, at least not in the near future, but we are always open for improving all feature, so we will see what we can do.

Could you at least fix the bug that shows that there are lots of new words in lessons/ courses when there are none? I have to go through lots of courses I already finished because of this.

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Is there any technical reason why you can’t just add it as an option? It looks to me like simple to implement thing so it should not take that much time and I think it would be well received mini update.

If that is something you can do within 30 min of coding (and I think it is if you did not spaghettify your code xD) then maybe it is worth asking community if they would like such a change in a poll.

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Can you email some lesson URLs with the issue you mentioned to support(at)lingq.com? Thanks!

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I will do tomorrow. I’ve definitely encountered it countless of times with Dutch lessons, Italian, too.