Odd recurring error

I’ve noticed oddness in the way sentences are handled sometimes. Normally I’ve been in the middle of something so haven’t noted it, simply going on with my business. Today I’m seeing it a few times in one lesson so I thought I would report it with an example so you guys could check it out.

I’m currently working on the Swedish item “Nu kommer Amira: korsordet” found here: Nu Kommer Amira, Nu kommer Amira: korsordet

This is a simple exercise that talks about what letters some things start with. In a few cases if you select a sentence you’ll see really odd translations from LingQ. Example as follows:

“letar ni efter ord som börjar på s?” This should be translated as “Are you looking for words that start/begin with the letter S?” Instead LingQ is giving it as “Are you looking for words that start with p?”

Why is the letter P being brought into this? I see it pretty often where LingQ will come up with something odd like this. It happens a few times in this story. Every time there’s a “på S” it puts a P in this example. If I do sentence mode and use google, it uses the proper letter, the error occurs only when highlighting and the resulting blue translation to the right that LingQ gives.

Nothing major, just a bug that perhaps someone could check into at some point. It’s easily ignored; but, it’s common enough I thought I’d mention it to Zoran and the guys at LingQ.

Thanks for this, I was able to reproduce the issue. Will report it to our developers.

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