Number of times a lesson is taken - anywhere?

after receiving a much higher Shared Lesson Award than usual, I wanted to see what lessons of mine were so popular last month, but didn’t see the “Taken” column anywhere. Was it removed with the launch of LingQ 2.0? Why?
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Hi Michele
In Learn/my imports, if I choose a course, it shows me how many times each lesson was taken. Don’t you have that info as well?


Thanks Fernanda! Yes, of course I also see it, but I thought it would be possible to see it from the main Import page, with the list “by lesson”, without opening a course.


In my import page, this url: Login - LingQ

there’s a column In use, I think the numbers shown reflect how many times they were taken; and by clicking one of the courses I have a list of the lessons also with this “In use” column.

That’s true, but if I click on “My imports” (sub-menu of “Learn”, I only see this: Login - LingQ (with no “In use” column). To see the page you mentioned, I need to import something (or at least click on “Import a lesson”) and then click on “Back to import”. I don’t see any shorter way of getting to that page.

That’s right! It’s the unfriendly Lingq menus we have already talked about in some other post; in this case, almost hidden links.

Yes, I agree.

LingQ guys, can you do anything to make this link more prominent?

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We hope to improve the imports section in a future update. I might just recommend bookmarking that page for now, as it will give you easier access to it if you find yourself going there often.

@mikebond - In fact, you do see the Taken number for all lessons in the 1 column or 2 column view. If you untick Private, you can then see all of your Shared lessons and how many times they have been taken. I assume you are using the list view in My Imports which doesn’t have this number shown. We will see where we can add it there.

Yes, Mark, I was using the list view. I see there are a few ways to see the Taken number. This doesn’t change the fact that they are not very obvious. It would be an improvement if you could add that column to the list view as well.

Alex, thanks for your advice, but I don’t have to check that page every day, so adding a bookmark would just take space on my bookmark bar… :slight_smile: