Number of LingQs?

So this is my first time using this site and unexpectedly while studying it said I was out of LingQs. I would like to know if this is a daily thing or if that was just a “free trial” because I don’t have money to get premium so if this isn’t daily sadly I’d have to depart.

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Hi CDay007,
Yes, we do limit access to the site to 20 LingQs. You do still have access to all the content but to create LingQs and track vocabulary you’ll need to upgrade your account.
For now, I’ve added additional 100 Free LingQs to your account. If you need more, you can invite friends to join LingQ and if any of them upgrade you can earn points.
Visit the invite page for more details - Login - LingQ.
Hope this helps!

Was looking for this because I used to be a subscriber on this site on another account and I remember that even with a free account, it still allowed you to review the vocabulary and look up definitions, but now it automatically creates LingQ’s when you click a word for a definition and it locks you out of looking at definitions with 20 clicks. It’s become a complete waste of time to make a free account for this site, it’s basically a 20-click demo for premium.

I’m kind of baffled that they have moved basic features behind a paywall, there are so many excellent free resources available online now and you can bet there will be more in the future. This is putting the site 6 feet under.

Adios LingQ.

Under settings one can switch from auto to manual linking and simply review the words. Would be nice if the Canadian government would buy Steve out, re-write the programming to properly handle Semitic script and provide everything for free. But our dear goverment is too busy wasting our money on language programs that repeatedly fail.

In my opinion it doesn’t give someone enough of a run at it to draw them in.

500-1000 free lingq’s to get people buzzing about creating them would draw more people into paying imo. It’s not a great deal of money to go premium and the site ain’t free - someone has to pay for the servers and the staff etc. It’s just that the free portion should be a bit better.

I’ve been tempted many times, but in the end I just use other alternatives.

The government would buy it out, and then get schoolkids to use it to memorise 30 words for a test.

How about for the first week of every month, or on every certain (other) weekday, Lingq makes everything free and accessible for free account users (meaning temporarily moving the Lingq limit to say, 1 billion)? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah. I think fair limits are fine like say 500-1000. Just something which is enough to let you really try it out. 20 words is nothing, it doesn’t give the potential user enough time to figure out how good it is.

This would be easily abusable.
Copy/paste all the words you don’t know in a text file, mass create lingqs every week.
Sure it’s unconvenient for heavy users, but if someone uses it like 20 minutes a day it makes spending the 10$ a month unecessary.

Hi everyone,
As I’ve already said, you can always invite friends to join LingQ and and you can earn up to 2000 LingQs by inviting them.
Visit the invite page for more details - Login - LingQ.

If someone was gonna do that they’d just use a free alternative.

2000 lingqs requires you to invite and get 20 users to sign up.

People know about the referrals and that is largely irrelevant to the discussion. The point is that the free section for people dabbling is nowhere near enough to draw in full time users. I’m not bothered - it’s not my problem and it doesn’t affect me. But for the people who run this site refusing to acknowledge that the free system is crap is probably hurting them.

You give people a proper run at it, 500-1000 lingqs to get their juices flowing, to get them pumped about collecting those words and stats, and i guarantee you’ll get more sign ups than someone coming, creating 20 lingqs whilst not really getting the feel of the site and then being told they need to pay. They’re just gonna click off and do something else like Duolingo or something.