Number of known words has frozen

Hi Mark,

no matter what I do in my Chinese lessons (I actually learn some new characters almost every day), the number of learned words remains 54 for weeks. Do I do something wrong or is it a page problem?

Hi Jurgen,

There seem to be some strange issues with these counters on some people’s computers. We can’t replicate the problems here. Can you answer some questions for me to help us identify the problem?

Is it the Known Words you are asking about or the LingQs Learned? Theoretically, if you learn LingQs that are words not phrases, these words should also be added to your Known Words. I can see that you added 2 Learned LingQs this past week and 1 Known Word. How did you do that? By moving their status, or through the flashcards? Was one of these 2 Learned LingQs a phrase? Did you learn more LingQs than that? If so, keep in mind that any LingQs that have been previously “Learned” and then moved back to status 1, 2 or 3 can’t show up as Learned again.

Hi Mark,

I’ve noticed that the number of Learning (Known Words) what I see in my profile didn’t increase after I moved back the status of characters; I just wanted to review my already “learned” characters again.
Then, I learned the single characters (no phrases) using self imported files through the flashcards, and by reaching of status 4 the number of learned words didn’t increase (at the same time it works perfectly in my English account)

But yesterday, after I put my question in forum, the number did raise from 54 to 55.
It seems me, because I’ve imported a new file in which I didn’t make any status manipulation yet.

Jurgen, you can’t learn the same word more than once. If you move a word from status 4 to 3 and then move it to 4 using flashcards, it will not count as a learned word. Once a word has been indicated as Known or Learned, it can never count as a Learned Word again. Only words that you LingQ that you have never seen before can be counted as Learned when you change them to status 4.

Yes, I understand, and that is OK so. But then the number of learned words shouldn’t go back when I lower their status (by me it went back from more than 100 to 54). I didn’t unlearn them, I just wanted to review.

There do seem to be some strange things happening there. We will look into it.