Number bugs


1st bug: I normally follow 6 people (Steve, Serge33510, Ress, Paule89, Evgueny40 and Luquiss32). But today my acc shows that I follow 31 people. And when I click on a person that I follow according to my acc. For an example took I Jungleboy. Is there the follow button instead of the unfollow. I don’t know howq this happend.

2nd bug: About a 2 months ago I started learning Chinese. I don’t studied very hard. I know about 20-25 words or something. I don’t know exactly how much, but it shows now that I know 96 words.

the number of followers went higher to 56!

Sorry about that Rembrandt. I’ll report this issue with the number of followers right away and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more informations about it.
But it seems that everything is fine with your Chinese stats, I checked your account and it seems that you have added 86 Chinese words to known last month plus 10 more words before that.

Hey Zoran,
After a month I have found the solution for the followers bug.
I have to follow the people that I follow according to the my friends page (but not follow in reality)
And unfollow them immediately and then they disappear of my followers page.

Sorry for the people who get a message that I followed you, but it was to fix this.

Greetings Rembrandt