Now that 2010 is around the corner

…I am waiting with bated breath how people will actually pronounce 2010.

Two thousand ten?
Two thousand and ten?
(Surely not two thousand o ten!?)

Which one of them do you think will be the winner at the end of year?

My vote goes to twenty-ten. I think the world is filled with lazy people and hence the pronunciation with the fewest syllables will win. :slight_smile:

Actually I wonder if the same situation exists in other languages? In Chinese, we simply pronounce all the numbers TWO-ZERO-ONE-ZERO and hence there is no such problem.

I think I’ll be starting with “two thousand and ten”, but I’m sure by the end of the year I’ll be saying ‘twenty-ten’ because it’s easier.

In Russian we say “тысяча девятьсот девяносто третий” (1993, “thousand nine hundred ninety third”) or even “одна тысяча девятьсот девяносто третий” (one thousand…). So, 2010 is “две тысячи десятый” (two thousand tenth)

I’ll probably use “two-thousand and ten” myself, but I imagine “twenty-ten” will come out as being the most popular, since it’s the easiest (that is, laziest) way to say it.

I love “twenty-ten”. It sounds so futuristic.

Of course, I was also saying “twenty oh nine” all year like a total nut.