My notifications are not working. Any time it shows I have one, I click it and it disappears, but never shows my notifications. This has happened like 7 times in the past week. Not sure what to do. Is there a separate page maybe, for viewing all your notifications?

I have so many unknown roses !
Some times I see them on my profile but often there is no notification.

Ein grosses Dankeschön dem anonymen Rosenkavalier!!


It seems to be an issue with synchronizing. We have reported this to our development team. They will look into it. Sorry about that!

Thanks :slight_smile: I have even tried using a different browser, but the same thing happens, so its not that.

I miss the email notification about roses for weeks now. Alex has made some tests with me. It would be nice if there would be a solution now.

I want to say thank you here to all the people who send me roses because I’m not sure if I saw every rose because of this issue.


Any update on this? I had 8 notifications, and i cannot see any of them.

@chumnutzly - So far, it is hard to reproduce the issue which seems to happen randomly. If you notice this again, please describe in detail after which exact steps it happens. It would be helpful for reproducing the issue. Meantime, refreshing the page should help.