Notifications not visible

Hello LingQ

I am not able to see my notifications despite showing three unread.

I cannot mark them as read either.

Thank you!

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Is that on the iOS app?

Hello zoran,

Sorry, no, I should have have included the details.

Windows 10
Firefox 98.0.1

I am now showing 5 notifications so 1 probably from this thread. I tried Microsoft Edge and that is the same.


I am now showing 5 notifications but still not being displayed.

I have switched on email notifications but I have not received any.


@tobi-juan I subscribed you back to our email system (looks like you were unsubscribed), so you should be receiving all email notifications regularly again. If you still have that notifications issue on the site, please reach me on support(at)

Ok thanks zoran. I will monitor it. I am showing 9 notifications whch I can’t see and no emails yet.

I see how it goes for a week and let you know by email.