Notification when submitting Exchange request

I have just submitted an Exchange request in English and, to my surprise, I was not offered the possibility to notify friends who tutor English about this request (which was the case some time ago, if I’m not mistaken). I could only have an alert sent to all my friends (which would have bothered those who don’t tutor English).
On the contrary, when I share a lesson from the Exchange page, I can choose whether I want to have an alert sent to all my friends, my friends studying Italian or my friends tutoring Italian.
Is this a bug or was it done this way on purpose? The “friends tutoring X” case would be the most helpful one to alert tutors about new Exchange submission.

@mikebond - Exchange request notifications are automatically sent to everyone who is subscribed to the notifications through the Settings page. If any of your friends have chosen to receive these emails then they will automatically get an email.

If instead you want to notify a specific tutor, you will need to submit the correction directly to this tutor as a personal request. Hope this makes sense!